“Successful mindset and habits” lessons that I gave in Tallinn Pirita Majandusgymnasium 18.05.2017


Yesterday 18.05.2017 I gave my second and third lesson about successful mindset and habits. This time I had 10th and 11th graders.

Before I continue, I would like to thank both classes for a nice and warm welcome. You were super! Also the teacher Henton!

The teacher from the previous school where I gave my first lesson, decided to invite me also to another school where he is teaching, because of a good feedback and emotions from the students who I gave the lesson previous time. I was very happy to hear that and also excited.

Just in two years can happen so much. Things started to go well for me from the moment I took a decision to be happy and started to practise what I teach today. A year ago it was a dream that I had set on my further future, to become a motivational speaker/mindset and habits guide. And it actually only took me a year from the day i dreamt about it (to start to empower others). I can see from my own life experience, that the key for better life and the road towards happiness starts really FROM YOUR OWN MINDSET and decision you make.

To 11th graders I gave the first lesson yesterday, before the 10th graders

18618060_1564360206907672_896983523_o Picture with me and those super nice 11th graders

First I started by asking them to introduce themselves like I did in last time. The guy who first introduced himself of being good at nothing, later introduced himself totally differently (I asked them before I started with the class to introduce themselves and also at the end), when we had covered the topics about self-confidence and how big value it has. As a matter of fact, when he gave me at the end of the lesson an introduction about himself, he did not even remember that at first he said words similar to ” being good at nothing”. I see it as a good example of how our thoughts automatically manifest itself in how we would describe ourselves without us even realising it.

Having a self-confidence is a skill and it can and will become a major part of the opportunities and chances you get in life! Here is a good practise or tip for you that could help you to practise your self-confidence and motivation (those are my daily practises that I do):

  • Have a self talk with yourself daily, remind yourself that you are amazing and capable to do anything. Be clear here on the topics that you are interested in
  • Imagine at least 10 minutes per day yourself already living the life that you dream of. That will help you to stay motivated and to establish strong DESIRE. When you DESIRE something, there is nothing that could stop you.
  • Always sit or walk with a straight back. Before the classes or important meetings I even stand with all my legs and arms stretched out, because it just makes me feel more powerful and confident (The girl who helped me with my studies in DK, Zaiga, taught me that). From your body language and the way you hold yourself can also others already read a lot about you. ” Professor Mehrabian combined the statistical results of the two studies and came up with the now famous—and famously misused—rule that communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal. The non-verbal component was made up of body language (55 percent) and tone of voice (38 percent).” Think about it!
  • Forget excuses
  • Instead of starting your day by thinking I need to do this not to fail, think, I will do this to succeed
  • Most important: BE POSITIVE and THINK POSITIVE. Every bad situation is just a temporary, don’ t let those negative emotions to get control over you. “You attract what you think.” Try laughing therapy 😉
  • Think of yourself who you would like to become. How this person would behave and what would be this person daily activities. Make a list of the habits you will need to create, to become this person (act on it).
  • DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN. Life will pass so fast… funny to hear this sentence probably from a 24 year old, but if you can not find time for enjoyment and being happy, you need to change something! Don’t set your mind to only chase. Take sometimes time off and enjoy the life! 🙂

I saw the ending results in both classes. The girl from 10th grade, after she got a chance to introduce herself again, (before we finished) said that she very liked me being there to share this knowledge. This was just one sentence, but it made me feel amazing. As I have said before, that, if even one person in this class will take and practise the topic discussed, my time is more than well spent! If in 11th grade it seemed that all people were engaged and up to do the exercises and tasks that I gave, then in 10th grade there were few, who I noticed did not care much. But that is life. You can not please everyone or it might also be the matter of age difference, they might realize and discover later why I was there. It is never too late :))

All in all I have only good words and emotions towards the students with who I was lucky to meet and share my knowledge with.

18596673_1564360390240987_273119295_o Me with 10th graders

I built up the lessons quite similar as I did for my first lesson. About my teaching methods in more detailed you can read: https://dianateniste.blog/2017/05/03/my-first-lesson-that-i-gave-in-successful-mindset-and-habits/.

My mom is my best friend

Because of up- coming Mother’s day, I have decided to dedicate my next blog post to my successful AWESOME young mother.

emmmmeee My mother

I am extremely lucky to have a mother like this. She was just 15 years old when I born and 17 years old when my sister born. At that time all the odds were against of what she has become today. In more correct way saying “to what she has made of herself today.”

My mom and dad met when they were 13 years old. My father was one of the most popular guys at school.  My mom was never shy, she was always very outgoing and one day she just approached my dad and said they are now together. They were together almost 15 years and during that time (early in their relationship) me and my sister were born.

She also have experienced a though times when it comes to how others were treating her because of becoming a mom in that young age. There were many people who did not want to communicate with her anymore and from school the teachers did also not made it all easy for her. Many just made assumptions about her future and those assumptions were far from good.Nevertheless, she always knew that she will be able to offer better childhood for her children than she had.

She did not came from successful family and she did not had many opportunities with the help of the family that we (me, my sisters, brother and sisters son) have today. My father started to work in early age to support the family, but that was also suitable for him since he did not like going to school that much. Thank you daddy!:) My mom in other hand went to study more and today she is doing her PhD degree, teaching first aid and owning her own successful two beauty clinics + many other things with what I just can’t keep up with because there is always something new + she speaks multiple languages and also teaching first aid in many languages. She have said me that thanks to us she has become today who she is only to never be able to say us ” I can not help you with this topic” or “I can not make your wish happen”. Having herself experiencing that in childhood she knew her children needs to have it all.

16251612_1894613684107347_5317167016047609433_o My mother on her 40th Birthday, year 2017

If many people are saying that when they grow up they realize their parents are not the smartest ones actually. With me it is opposite, the more I grow and educate myself, the more I understand actually what she is about. I have never had any topics that I can not discuss with her. Our topics can go really from one extreme to another. We can discuss the world issues and we can also discuss the life. There is no topic with what I could not go to my mom to talk about. When in past sometimes I discussed something with my friends and I say “Yes with mom we also thought so”, they are surprised and asking are you really discussing such things with your mom… For me it has been so normal when growing up, but then I understood that other families are not like that. They have their boundaries. Only boundary that I have is that I never tell her bad words or disrespect her and this is not some hard boundary to have when you have a mother like this.

Because of her intelligence and young age I have been able to be very honest with her and she always made us feel that we can go to her with whatever problem.

The most important thing what she has taught to us is to always recognize others around you and always help, if there is a chance and never to judge someone by his/hers choices they make until it does not harm others. Live your life and let others to live theirs. Being happy is all that matters and happily lived life is a well lived life.

Thank you so much mom for being who you are and for working that hard to make us to experience super childhood and opportunities.

Today she has re-married and we have more siblings. One sister and one brother. Their reality of life is so much different than even we had when we were little and mom still needed to work hard on her goals. It is so awesome that all 4 of us plus her grandchild have an awesome mother and a grandmother.

emmeperega On the picture is my mother holding her grandchild Marten, my little sister Triin and me holding my little brother Markus. Unfortunately that day my another sister Tiina did not had time to come with us.

My mom is a living example that there can not be no excuses in life. If you really want something you will work for it. It is only matter of your own hands and NOT ANYONES ELSE. There is nobody else to blame when things go hard and there is nobody else to blame when something is not achieved. You can make it all happen if you only decide! 🙂 When you already suffer then go and get a reward for it!


And hey, of course it will not be easy, but if it would be easy we all would be what we wish to be or we all would live the life what we desire to live.

Work on your goals everyday and you WILL SEE THE RESULTS. Stop blaming and bringing excuses and start seeing the opportunities. Because you are POWERFUL and you will become the greatest if you only decide and set your mind on it! 🙂

This post would be never ending, because there is just so too much things what to say about my mom and what I love about my mom. I admire her a lot! I love you Marju Karin!!

I will also use a chance to wish happy mother’s day to my sister, who is raising alone her awesome 4 year old son, I admire you for that! 🙂

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there! :))

My first lesson that I gave in “Successful mindset and habits”

18261306_1547059808637712_2015334893_o Picture of me with this super awesome class that I had chance to share my knowledge with

First I would like to thank you all for positive feedback that I received after I had published my first blog post. I got many private letters from people who can relate to me. I also got letters from those best students to who I looked up to (and still of course respect them) saying that my post was very motivational. I am happy about it. This is the reason why I started with my blog to inspire you all.. no matter was you the “black sheep” or “the teachers favourite”. We still all have the same possibilities in life and without being the biggest fan of yourself or without believing in yourself, we are useless. Simply, because we don’t take actions or miss many opportunities because of fear.. low self-confidence, etc.

Once again everything starts from your mind. The way you think can be seen based on your actions.

Today 3.05.2017 I gave my first lesson about “Successful mindset and habits”.

Before I go further with telling how it went, I would like to tell you where I got the idea to start doing it.

Few years ago when I started to go to seminars and read books about the mindset, same time implementing all I learned to my life, activities, and habits, I thought this is something, what I would like to do myself in future.

First I thought I need many years before I can get started. But seeing how my life took totally another turn and to which kind of people I am capable of “selling myself”, I thought why to wait. I will get started with it now! Today I have booked several lessons with different schools.

Todays Lesson:

First of all THANK YOU all who you were there, you were awesome. Because in Estonia  the “mindset” topic is not very common, I was pleasantly surprised, that so many were that open to it and had an open mind.

I started the lesson with inviting one volunteer who could come in front of the class. It took about 30 seconds until someone came. The one that eventually came, I handed him a SPA package that he can go and enjoy with pool, saunas and wellness treatments and then he was free to go and sit back.

18261300_1547059841971042_565025664_o The SPA package that I handed out

This was a good example for showing how we often miss opportunities because we are afraid or not motivated. We should be the ones who run towards opportunities. This time it was a day in SPA, that those missed who did not come in front, but next time it can be something so much more, something that could’ve change your life. So I said: ” If you all already came here to participate, then take all you can, to make this time you spend here today, a well spent time for yourself.” Time is the only thing that we can not get back.

Before we started with the subject I asked everyone of them to introduce themselves and to say what are their hobbies and what do they think they are good at. Sadly, like many other people, I heard too many saying that  “I am average” or “I am not good at anything” or ” I don’t know what I am good at”. There were very few of those who actually answered the question in a positive way of themselves.

I then continued with introducing myself. First I told them who I am and what I have achieved so far.  I then continued with telling my story (the same story that I wrote my first blog about).

Once I had told about myself and why I am there today to share this knowledge, I then continued telling about self-confidence, the tricks how to practise it and the importance of it. I also talked about how to set your mind to succeed rather then to fail and how to motivate yourself for the day ahead instead of just letting it to pass by. We also covered a topic about how body language can affect others perspective on you, your feelings about yourself and how to use it.

I then asked students to write down at least 4 things or changes in behaviour that would effect them in a positive way (to achieve their smallest or biggest goals) that they would add to their daily routine for the next 30 days. There has researches, that stating, that it takes up to 21-30 days to get a new habit.

After we had covered the topics named above, I asked the students to introduce themselves to me again. I gave them some time to think about how they would do it now. Almost all students this time did it totally differently.

The boy who first introduced himself as someone “average” had now awesome introduction about himself. He was even sitting now with straight back when he introduced himself and in this introduction there was nothing what could say me that he thinks he is “average”.  The girl who first said she is very shy and applied for her 30 day new habit creation to try not to be that shy, was now volunteering to introduce herself after third person.

Everyone of this class are equally awesome and unique and as I also told to them, everyone of them have the exact same opportunities in life if they believe in themselves. I am happy that my first experience of sharing my knowledge with group of people, was a group of open-minded young people.

Even if only one student is applying to his/her life what we talked about today and digs into this topic more, my time was well spent.


Ignore the noise and set your mind to succeed!

My name is Diana and I am currently 24 years old, all the amazing times and opportunities ahead of me!

I have never considered myself a good writer or someone who could start her own blog. Nevertheless, today I have decided to do so. I have decided to do it because I want to share an extremely important message with all of you, with those of you who feel stuck in their lives or who are not following their wildest dreams! Don’t pay attention to the style or expressions I use, but focus your attention on the meaning of this piece and it could be your turning point for the best! 🙂

I was always told by teachers in high school that I will not be anything or that in best case I would become someone’s secretary, only because I did not shine with my grades and had interests which every girl in her puberty has. Already in such a young age they were trying to fit me into a box and always brought out the things I lacked instead of encouraging me and acknowledging my good qualities. I was measured down by my academic achievements and by how I dressed, how I did my make up or for whatever other reason that doesn’t matter in the bigger picture. I was always told by my high school teachers that I will not get a good job because I’m not smart enough, but here I am today, owning my own business and hiring people to work for me. My English was not the best during the high school time and when I asked my English teacher to help me with applying to university in Denmark she just laughed…once again here I am today, having my BA done in Denmark in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For all that, today I can communicate in five different languages, in which I’m continuously improving myself and strive to learn more.


Our society has created so many “norms” for us. Norms, that we all want or are forced to follow just to be seen as someone “very good”, “smart”, “successful”, “normal”, etc. Unfortunately, in our society it does not matter what makes you happy, but what makes you acceptable for others. Here I would like to say my thoughts about it. I believe that everything is normal until we don’t hurt or “destroy” someone with our actions.

When 17 years ago I started my school journey, I realized that I have more interest in spending time with children who are few years older than me. I had two good girlfriends also from my own class, but their parents were not thrilled about me, so often they were not allowed to communicate with me. I got the blame on all the childhood stupidities, that we were doing together, only, because I communicated with older children.

Physically I also looked older than children in my age. My body started to change so much earlier than my age-peers. So, from first grade I started to have older friends and company with who I was “hanging around”.  People always find themselves form the communities with who they look similar, think similar or have similar interests. There was nothing wrong with me evolving faster than others, but jet many tried to make me think or feel that way.

Already from first grade I did not impress my teachers and already from first grade I had started to be told who I probably will become. Can you imagine? Crazy. In first grade, we don’t know ourselves… our personalities… we are still learning our values and we apprehend the world so much differently.

Recently I found my old classmate from Instagram with who I went to the same school from 1-3 grade. I saw his Instagram posts and I just say, I don’t believe this was his childhood dream to become. And I am not talking about some “bad job” or something, but someone, who has just taken the easier way. The same boy was always struggling at school and the reason I remember him so well, is because one time the teacher got so mad at him that she just kicked his head with a book. It was shocking. Okay, I understand you might be a difficult child and so on… but such violence has no place, especially if you are an educated school teacher. I wonder what he would’ve become if someone would’ve encouraged him and said, “You are a good boy and if you just try harder you will make it” or whatever other encouraging words. In life, we most likely become what surrounds us. It is difficult to become any better if you don’t know better.

When I started my fourth grade I changed the school, because I moved to another part of town. When I was a fourth grader I looked like someone in eighth grade, because as mentioned above my body just changed earlier. Once again, I found myself from a company with few years older students that I was. I never felt that I’m younger than any of them and I was never treated as someone younger.

From fifth grade I started to discover another interesting thing, that took my mind away from studies totally. I always did good enough to pass, but that was not my interest to be the best in class. I wanted to have my free fun time with friends but I also knew I don’t want to fail in school. So I just simply gave my studies enough time to at least pass and then I had enough time to do things that were so much more fun for me.

My teachers certainly did not like that. I heard so many bad words and sayings. I remember by the sixth or seventh grade I started to put even more effort on how I look, I used solarium, I had super long nails, I wore so much make up that if I think now back in time I just laugh. But I was happy. I did not do any harm to nobody. I enjoyed being that time just young and beautiful (don’t get me wrong, I don’t considerate myself old now at all). I enjoyed the attention of opposite sex and there was not needed much for me to feel happy. So, of course if someone much older than me is saying to me I need to think about my future, I did not take it seriously. Why should have I? I was so young… I had all this time ahead, when I could be serious and think about what I will become. When then can we feel fun and be this careless empty person when not at that age? I always knew I will be something big and I was always sure of it, but at that time I didn’t put any effort in it, I just enjoyed life. I did not fail in school, I had it under control, not in the best sense but still, never was I in danger of failing. And if sometimes if not with my own mind then I had super awesome classmate, a boy who was so smart and always helped me out if needed. Thank you Martin Jeret!

Here are some pictures of me when I was 13 years old and 15 years old:

nlogi5 13 years old (Ducati model)

blogi2 15 years old

Some of my teachers, although they kept saying to me all the negative stuff like how I will not find a good job, how I will just be in best case someone’s secretary… wow, they had all my future in front of their eyes and they sure did not hold it to themselves. Eventually I did not enjoy going to any of those teachers’ classes to learn something from someone who feels so negative about me. I still went, but I had 0 interest to study there. In this age now I understand that with that I only harmed  myself with it, but when you are 12, 13, 14, etc. you don’t realize it. What studies? What future? No, I was so too young and beautiful and I enjoyed making boys go crazy rather than to just study and live my life to make someone else happy or impress someone else. We have one life, why live it for someone else? Important is not to hurt anyone and to be happy. We sense the world so differently at this age.  Hereby I would like to thank my physics teacher who was teaching until 9th grade and was always so good and encouraging towards me. I believe therefore I also did well in her class. I did not want to disappoint her and never allowed myself to have bad attitude towards her classes as I did towards other teachers classes. Thank you Maie Tibar!

When it was time to apply for 10th grade she even said to me, that she said good words about me for me to get accepted to the same school where I studied from 4-9 grade. I did not get accepted. Then I realized that okay, I need to level up because soon high school is also over and I always had a strong plan to go to university after I finish my high school. When I changed the school and stepped in to 10th grade, my grades were better. But once again I had struggles with teachers. I always had my own opinion and I was not shy about it. I don’t think I was rude, but I just questioned so many things and that again brought me in bad terms  with many of my teachers.

I never had good relationships with language teachers. My Italian teacher seemed to always have a problem with me and although I really felt I was on the same level with my super awesome smart friends who I found in 10th grade, I still got graded lower. When I say my super awesome smart friends then I am not exaggerating. They were those students who had most of their grades the highest and in our company of three, I was seen as a black sheep because I didn’t have grades as good as they did. With those girls we are still best friends today.

When my classmate told my Italian teacher, that I am good at math she made big eyes and her reaction just showed me that she wanted to think of me as someone who just can’t do good. I always studied for her lessons, never had I skipped and I always had my homework done. Another year the teacher changed, she was nice and my grades were much better. I enjoyed being at her class, I did not feel like some “intruder”. Maybe I had strong opinions, but I still don’t think I was rude to anyone to receive such feedback. I believe you need to question things if they are unclear, that shows you have interest in the subject. If something seemed unclear or unfair I just asked. It was also eye to eye  with my Russian and English teacher. I remember when I decided to apply to Danish university and asked my English teacher to help me with it, she just laughed and said that I am not at this level. Luckily, I decided to ignore her and still give it a try. I got in, if I would’ve had just a few points less I would’ve not gotten in, but that doesn’t matter, I got in and that’s it! Before I move on I would like to thank my high school main teacher who was always so awesome, I think she is the real teacher. She always encouraged, was so open minded, and she knew everything about everything. She was I think the youngest teacher but she is the REAL teacher. She made students feel good about themselves and she had very interesting classes. She wrote to our high school year book “Diana treats everyone the same as she is treated”. I have tendencies to speak very fast and when other saw it as a problem she said, “Diana is just a faster thinker”.  I respect her a lot! She was always creative and understood that people are different. Thank you Maarja Tinn!

I also would like to thank my step-father Martin Noodla who helped me with all the needed paper work in English and who helped me first two months in university with my school work.

Before I move on to my studies in Denmark I would like to say, if there is any teacher who is now reading this, please understand that those 12 years or just a few years of those 12 where students look up to you and learn from you, it is important to be kind to them. Your sayings can and will affect everyone of your students somehow and unfortunately big part of our confidence comes from the feedback of our surroundings. Don’t place your students in the box and don’t celebrate only those who do well with grades. Good grades only, do not help anyone in life. This what we think or believe of ourselves, that helps us in our lives. This how we have formed our minds towards life and ourselves, that will help us in life.

If you are a student reading this then take all you can from everything. If your passion is not to study then at least listen during your class and pay attention, you anyway need to sit there so just take this time and use it for your own good. No matter how much you don’t like the teacher or something else, all you make is only for yourself and only you eventually will do harm or benefit yourself. You never know what knowledge in life can present you with amazing opportunities. Don’t forget having fun. Life is short, but as I said, if you already need to sit in this class then better use this time for your own good and be like a sponge that takes in all the knowledge given 🙂

If during 1-12 grade I had full confidence, I never was afraid to speak up or wasn’t insecure about myself, I always believed that I can achieve and do things although I was often, too often confirmed that this is not true. When I got to university all changed. First 2 years I made my AP degree in marketing management. In classes I was always quiet and even if someone else answered the same answer that I had in my mind, I was too scared to say it first because I always thought it is wrong or stupid. My first 12 years in school affected me so much. I didn’t think nothing of myself and I did not know my worth or value.

blogi3 Here is picture of me on my first day in university

I finished my AP degree I moved on to do my BA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Most of the students were older than me and I got even more insecure. I remember when I introduced myself to people I talked of myself as someone lower than that and said how I think I am not in this level to be there with people like this in the same class. From the first day, I promoted myself to others as someone who is very insecure and unworthy. Nobody wants to surround themselves with people who don’t know their worth.

I remember in our first day of BA studies we had a competition and we needed to formulate 4 teams. There were 4 people choosing their team members. I got chosen last. That was an unpleasant feeling. I felt like I am not a full part of the team because, I was just a leftover. So I knew I needed to step up a little so that I would never get chosen last again in anything.

Our assignment was to come up with business ideas and make money, the team, that gets the most earnings will win. We got a second place and the most money that we earned came from the part I made. I had an awesome team and we all co-operated and it was a team work. But I was working as a beautician and masseur next to my studies in a beauty salon so I offered to make massages to people. My classmate was driving me to places and I did the job. Same time everyone else of course also did their part. Then I remembered a guy that sells bikes very cheap, so I bought the bike and sold it with more than twice from the price I had bought it. I tried to level and step up because I had this feeling that I was in this group only cause I was the last one to be picked..

I did not realise it then that I will always be selected last to everywhere if I did not stop promoting myself as someone who doesn’t value her worth and as someone who is so unsecure.

blogi4 Me working as a masseur next to my studies

During my BA studies, I had very long days. I left home at 7am and arrived back at 10pm. I had basically a full-time job next to my studies and I had only 2 days free per month. Eventually I did not have time for anything. Not for my friends, not for my studies. I fell in depression. Being a masseur is a physically hard job. On weekends, I worked full days and after every school day 5 hours. I did not enjoy this job eventually at all. I felt like I am stuck in somewhere and I was living my life with no purpose. School was so hard for me, I always felt tired and most of the time I had no clue what I was doing. Luckily in Denmark the study system is very open minded and they handle depression as a serious matter. From the second semester, I was given an opportunity to still finish my school if Ii at least hand in exam papers, assignments and show up at exams. But I still needed to learn all the materials somehow. For me it wasn’t enough just reading about it. At the time my head was just full of all the negativity towards myself  and to learn new things got more and more difficult.

I wanna say thank you to Mette Bonde, who was one of my teachers when I did my BA, and who gave me many encouraging words. It meant so much!

I decided to write to a student that had finished her studies a year before me. Her name is Zaiga Circene and she is just awesome!! She sat with me from her free time to discuss materials with me and to help me understand them. Our meetings were often around 5 h and almost every week and some weeks we needed to meet more than one day. I have so much respect towards her. You don’t find people like that often. I was a total stranger to her and she still helped me, guided me and explained to me the topics that I didn’t understand. She was such a big help for me and she had the ability to explain the things in such an easy way with all the examples and it was just easier for me to do my exams and defend my papers. Thank you Zaiga, you are AMAZING!! I will always remember you!

That time on my life I felt was the lowest, because I did not feel excited about anything and everything just seemed so pointless. People around me also got tired about me constantly complaining about how sad I am and how bad everything is. Looking back today, I don’t even remember this me or it is difficult now to even understand what was going on in my head. Why I let those thoughts control me for a few years. Instead of taking any action towards changes, it was just easier to cry and think how bad it all is and how I am a nobody. I was at such a low point with my mind. I didn’t want to start the day, I needed to count reasons why I should do it… just wanted to give up on everything.

I knew that I needed to take some action for things not to get worse. I said to my boss I cannot work that much anymore and that I wanted to have at least 2 free weekends. I didn’t want to be a masseurs or a beautician for the rest of my life. I did not go to Denmark with the main intention to work, but I went there to study and become something more. But at some point, of the time the job ruled my life and not the studies that I went there for. I felt empty and that was never my plan to be regular. When I say regular I don’t mean to have a regular job, but I mean that I don’t live my dream and I did nothing for it to change until I got rid of negative things that made me unhappy and focused my free time on things that actually would help me to grow. At that point I thought to myself “I am Diana Teniste” this is not how I dreamed myself to be, I will become what I dreamed to become.

I started to go to seminars and read a lot about mind-set. I realized that all those successful people from who I learned what it takes to become happy and live your dream life, shared the common thing. They all talked about the mind-set and what/how to do/practise to get yourself on the right track. My perspective of life totally changed and I took all what I have learned and implemented it to my own life and totally re formulated my habits. Now when I was introducing myself to people I did not tell my weaknesses but I communicated about myself as someone great and awesome. With the way, how I spoke and the way how I communicated with my body language. Those two things are both equally important. In few seconds people create their first impression about someone. Even if you shake their hand, be firm and don’t give a “dead fish”. That already tells a lot.

On third semester, we needed to find for ourselves a company where we can take the internship. I knew I wanted to do my internship in Spain in a real estate company. I had also an opportunity to do it in Denmark. That way I could’ve keeped my job during my internship time and it would’ve been easier considering my financial situation. I am happy I did not take the easy way. If you want something you will ALWAYS find ways to do it. I worked a lot to collect money for myself to get by those 4 months that I had my internship.

By that time, I already practised changing my habits and mind-set. Now when I went somewhere or did something I did it in a way that it would not be a time waste. Meaning that if I participated somewhere, in seminars or anywhere else, I would take all out of it to make my time spent well. That well, that it would matter and I would get out of it something (new connections, opportunities, knowledge).

When I started my internship, I did not have the mentality like most of the students have. Mentality that this is just unpaid internship and I will just hang around there. I went there with a serious thought that if I spend there 4 months of my life, I will not do it to be closer to receive  a paper from school that says I am highly educated, but to have myself something much bigger that will help me in life. It could’ve been good connections, job offer, new knowledge or whatever, but at least something that is useful for me. The most precious thing is time, we never get it back. So be sure you use it well!

blogi6 Picture I took after I had defended my final thesis

When there was only a month left until the end of my internship, the company owner, Mischa Sepp, came to me and asked what are my future plans and where do I see myself. I answered him, that I have always knew I want to eventually own my own business. He then told me that he has seen me who I am as a person and how I treat working tasks or challenges and he likes what he sees in me. I had made a good research and found out many things that the market is lacking. He then told me he has an idea and he would like me to step in. He then asked how I would see our co-operation with it. I told him I am willing to spend and invest the same amount of time and money and I want to own the concept equally with him. He agreed. I was thinking to myself WOW, someone who is already successful, doing well in his life and is intelligent in many ways is interested of having a business with me. That is awesome! I did not only get started with my own business, but I got it started with someone who is already experienced. So now I have my business partner who I can also consider as a mentor because he already has much knowledge and experience. With that I already can avoid many mistakes that I would’ve maybe done myself. Not all mistakes, that would be impossible. Mistakes are always good and from them we learn and grow, but I definitely avoid doing many of them by having an opportunity to have a business with someone as my business partner.

Year after that, I was the one who offered the internships. Awesome! So that was a little introduction of how our Interhomes Online Networking Property portal born.

Next to my studies I also learned Danish and I still keep improving it. I met in Denmark my absolutely amazing Russian boyfriend Erik Fijalov, with who today we have been living together over 3 years and who was there for me when I had all my ups and downs and was so big support in so many ways. This is what I would call  “boyfriend goals” J! Thank you Erik! With him I have improved my Russian language and about half a year ago I also started to take Spanish language courses. My days are usually 17 h full of work and studies, but they go so fast because I enjoy every day and I enjoy what I am doing. I don’t hate Mondays and I don’t wait Fridays. I love every day the same and for me the weekend looks the exact same as the week days. I can decide myself when I need a brake and a free time, I don’t need to ask from anyone a day off for it. I am a decider of my own time and activities. The thing is, that a work day for me is the same enjoyable as a day that I take for myself just to relax and spend some time with my friends and family. I don’t hate mornings. I love mornings because I know it is a new day what I have given to get more awesome opportunities or things happening to me. Simply because I know my biggest goals and I know thanks to those long days I am everyday closer to them. I DESIRE TO ACHIEVE THEM! With the mind that I have now I recognize opportunities around me and I take action. When people mostly treat the fair as something that works against them, I treat it in a way to make it work for me.

Today I have met and seen people who in many ways are smarter than me, but does not live the life they dream about also including some of my friends. When we talk I hear always the same reasons why they don’t take action towards their wildest dreams. It is always “I am afraid it might not work out”, “I don’t have time next to my day job”, “I don’t think I am good enough for it”. I have understood that why all people are not successful or living their dream. It is because they lack of self-belief, are afraid or don’t realise that in order to get things happen for you, you are the one who need to start to create them to happen for you!

Don’t be afraid, try and do things. Ignore the thought “impossible” instead find the ways, nothing is impossible, NOTHING! Things come impossible the moment you will say it is impossible and things become possible the moment YOU DECIDE IT IS POSSIBLE!


Today I have just recently moved back to Estonia and I have been writing to schools and contacting with the people who can get me in touch with teaching about what I have gathered from the mind-set and habits towards success. I have got interest from the schools that back in times I could’ve only dream about getting in to study there and today I have opportunity to teach there.

I am so passionate about this topic and to share it with others. I want that you who you might struggle now would know that you can do more, you can live better and you can have it all. I want to say to you who you were always cheered at school by the teachers because you had the best grades and everyone said you have a bright future but currently you are not living your dream because of the reasons that are mentioned above, GO OUT THERE, TRY MORE, DON’T ACCEPT THE AVARAGE if that does not make you happy. You were not the average, so why should you be now!

If your wildest dream is to be a hairdresser then be it and enjoy it. If your wildest dream is to be a millionaire then find ways for it, do it and be it! If your wildest dream is about learning something that you think you can’t, just do it, try it and you see you can!

Don’t give yourself a chance one day to look back with a regret and think “What if”. Try, fail, embrace the failure, learn, don’t give up and you become what you DREAM!


I love the phrase from the movie Rocky:

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

― Sylvester StalloneRocky Balboa